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The creation and enforcement of law and the maintenance of social order are key concerns for states, societies, and individuals across Africa. However, the way in which these terms are defined, realised, and justified shifts across time and place. In our conference we will be unearthing some of the contestation that surrounds these shifts, and the consequences of that contestation.


This conference is possible thanks to the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, and the ASAUK. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing support.

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A conference with a difference…

Our aim is to facilitate an engaged and creative conversation around law and social order over the course of the conference.

We will begin on 3rd April with three theoretical round tables on concepts that lie at the heart of our theme: Statehood; Order and Disorder; Law and Norms.

These morning sessions will engage with some of the cutting-edge theoretical debates and developments in our field, and establish a range of thoughts and questions around which conference conversations can coalesce.

In the afternoon we will invite scholars to reflect on how their own work engages with these conversations, providing a series of rooms across the university in which they can reconsider their papers and presentations in the light of the roundtable discussions, and incorporate new insights, ready for the panels on 4th April.

Participants will not be expected to submit a paper or presentation before the conference, but will be expected to commit to the full two days, in order to play an active role in the forging new conversations on the topic.

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